Sarah Cernis

Sarah Cernis - Patient Panel Member
Sarah Cernis

“I am an early year’s consultant. My professional role involves supporting and challenging schools, private nurseries and children’s centres.”

“I have a complicated eye history which includes congenital cataracts, retinal detachments, glaucoma and myopic macular degeneration.”

“In the context of this, I am the group leader for the Leeds Macular Society, working age group. As a group we have varying levels of knowledge of genetics, the common thread is that people want to learn more.”

“As group leader for Leeds Macular Society, I am able to share information between project and the many members of the group who are affected by inherited retinal disease.”

“As there is not yet a cure for the various types of macular degeneration and other conditions affecting our group members, giving people a voice in the project is a way of enabling us to contribute positively, this in turn has a massive impact on well-being and self-esteem.”

“As well as support and understanding, my hope is that the 100,000 genomes project eventually provides answers for many people just like me .”

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