Joyce Justice

Patient Panel Member Joyce Irene Justice
Joyce Justice

“I am a public Governor of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Until retirement I was a medical secretary to a consultant physician in a large teaching hospital, where I interacted with a lot of patients and gained a lot of medical knowledge.”

“My reason for joining this GMC panel is because I have a very keen interest in all things medical, especially genetics and heart disease.”

“There is a high incidence of heart disease in my family. My father died at 61, my brother aged 58 of heart failure, and my mother died of a stroke aged 65.”

“My previous husband was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy.  His cardiologist referred him to Papworth hospital in Cambridge with a view to having a heart transplant. After tests he was considered not well enough for a heart transplant as previously he had suffered a small stroke. However, he was operated on to try and improve his heart condition, but unfortunately it could not help and he died.”

“Research is vital for patients and the NHS. Knowing how our DNA plays a big part in what particular diseases you can be predisposed to and what can be done to rectify it is so important.”