Joanne Beagley

Patient Panel Member Joanne Beagley
Joanne Beagley

“The possibilities offered by genomics are of great interest to me since having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2014”

“Having had surgery, undergone chemotherapy and now being on a maintenance drug, I have encountered a wealth of healthcare professionals which has given me an insight to the multitude of routes through which the 100,000 Genome project could potentially recruit participants.”

“Professionally I have a project management background having worked in management consultancy within the financial services sector for 18 years.”

“With two young children myself, I can relate to how parents of children with relevant illnesses may feel when approached to be involved in this project.”

“As well as the panel, I am also involved in the Macmillan Cancer Voices initiative. “

“I have recently set myself a personal goal of rebuilding my fitness and have started swimming, running and cycling to achieve this.”

“I am excited to have the opportunity to offer a patient viewpoint in the way genomics develops and delivers treatments.”

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