Jaqui Williams Durkin

Jaqui Williams Durkin - Patient Panel Member
Jaqui Williams Durkin

“I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia in 2004 and underwent three courses of chemotherapy until 2010 when I stopped responding to treatment. I had a Bone Marrow Transplant in 2011 (my brother was a donor match) and in January 2015 I underwent surgery for tongue cancer at the Leeds General Infirmary.”

“I have benefitted personally from the scientific advances in Genetics and I feel that the 100,000 Genome Project is important both scientifically and for society at large. I have also, with my husband, been a carer for my daughter who has complex neurosurgical condition.”

“I can bring experience to the patient panel gained over a number of years of working in different groups with people affected by cancer from a range of backgrounds and with different types of cancer.”

“I am currently part of the Leeds Patient Involvement in Research group which looks at many research projects not just for cancer but across many technology disciplines.”

“I am keen for Yorkshire and Humber to be a first class genomics centre and am keen to ensure that the views and input of patients and carers are considered and integrated in the process of implementing the project across the region.”

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