Jacqui Gath

Patient Panel member Jacqui Gath
Jacqui Gath

“I am a research scientist, qualified metallurgist and Chartered Engineer. Through the second half of career I have worked in various IT roles. I have worked in systems analysis, design and integration and project management.”

“I have a passing interest in health topics for most of my life, but the interest became very personal after a diagnosis of cancer in 2003.”

“I had excellent surgery and superb care. Then, believing that a patient has a duty to her doctors and healthcare professionals to make themselves as healthy as possible to aid recovery, I took a good look at my life-style and found it wanting.”

“Out went the early mornings, late nights, and bars of chocolate, and in came vegetable juices, green tea, plenty of sleep, and a spot of yoga. Two years of a strict health regime resulted in great improvement to health which has continued today, over twelve years later.”

“My interest in health has led me to join the Sheffield and Humberside Ethics Committee, sit on clinical trial steering committees, become a lay reviewer on the Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank, a lay member of the Clinical Trials Executive and Experimental Cancer Medicines Committee, a Member of NIHR Review Panel funding Doctoral Research Fellowships.. I have many other commitments in the field of patient advocacy including palliative care research, and have been able to use my professional experience of website design and work in IT to good effect.”

“I am currently interested in clinical trial registration, trial data and issues regarding publication of the outcomes of clinical trials. I believe it is important that all results, including negative results are recorded so research is not repeated, thus wasting public money and researcher’s time. The 100,000 Genome project is an exciting scientific development in healthcare and I took the opportunity to join the Yorkshire and Humber panel to be a part of shaping the delivery of genomic technology into routine patient care pathways.”

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