Patient involvement panel

The Yorkshire and Humber NHS Genomic Medicine Centre PPI Panel helps steer the course of the delivery of the project and advise the Yorkshire and Humber NHS Genomics Medicine Centre.

It does this in a variety of ways by:

  • Engaging with people affected by the disorders under investigation
  • Communicating with the wider public around genomic testing through this project
  • Reviewing and shaping local GMC patient/public literature
  • Informing and shaping local website content
  • Reviewing and informing planned patient pathways to ensure equality of access
  • Advising on the recruitment of participants and the best ways of sharing results as they are generated
  • Planning and attending events and promotional activities during the lifetime of the project

The Panel meets every two months, with meetings being held in the Yorkshire and Humber region and dates are set well in advance, in discussion with the panel members.

Panel members act as patient representatives, ensuring the views of patients are at the heart of the project and the way it is delivered.

You can find out more about some of our current panel members here

Join the panel

We are extremely keen to hear from as broad a section of the population we serve as possible and appreciate that people may have a keen interest in this area of healthcare but, due to work and personal commitments, would find attending a face to face meeting logistically difficult.

If you are interested in joining our panel, but you can’t commit to joining full-time you can even join the panel online and interact through email.

By providing permission to hold your contact details and a small amount of background information on your specific area of interest (ie rare diseases, cancer or just healthcare technology developments, patient advocacy) we will ensure you are included via email.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Panel, please email Debbie Beirne on


  • Debbie Beirne – Workstream lead for PPI and Communications, Leeds Cancer Centre, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Victoria Hilton – Project Assistant for the YHGMC, Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network
  • Miranda Squires – Research Genetic Practitioner, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Jeanette Thorpe – Engagement & Promotions Lead, Yorkshire & Humber NHS Genomic Medicine Centre
  • Julie Phelan – Communications Director, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Katrina Prescott – Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Julie Atkey  – Yorkshire and Humber Genomics Education and Training Manager
  • Mushtaq Ahmed – Genetic Counsellor Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Alex Brownrigg – PPI member and Partnership Board representative
  • Danny Roberts – PPI member and Partnership Board representative

Get to know some of our panel members