What does the genome mean to you exhibition?

Griselda Goldsbrough, a Freelance Community Artist for York Museums Trust, has collated artwork inspired by the 100,000 Genomes project in collaboration with the Yorkshire and Humber NHS Genomic Medicine Centre. Artists and scientists from across the region, participants from York Art Gallery’s monthly well-being art workshops and Converge participants have all taken part.

Participants were asked to consider the question “What does the genome mean to you?”

In answering the question, many ideas were explored around DNA, genomic medicine and treatments.  Artwork was created in a variety of media, including 3D, painting, drawing and creative writing. The often complex and challenging subject matter lends itself well to the very different perspectives of how people view genomic medicine.

The exhibition runs across the 70 year anniversary of the NHS on Thursday 5th July until mid-August, and reflects narratives, images and the shaping of genomics from the past 70 years.

The Genomes Project will sequence 100,000 genomes from around 70,000 people. Participants are NHS patients with a rare disease, plus their families, and patients with cancer. The aim is to create a new genomic medicine service for the NHS – transforming the way people are cared for.